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What we stand for

Local Community

Desert Star Holdings Limited’s (DSH) subsidiary, DSH Caribbean Star Limited, understands the importance of working diligently to become part of the wider community. At its core, DSH Caribbean Star Limited will be a gathering point for Saint Lucians and international tourists and business travelers.

DSH Caribbean Star Limited also intends to be a job creator; a supporter of local businesses; a promoter of Saint Lucia and Saint Lucians; a platform for new business; a supporter of charity and education; and a contributor to Saint Lucia’s tourism drive and, in time, to its national identity.


The value of education in creating new opportunities is a core belief of DSH Caribbean Star Limited. Training programmes will be rolled out for various fields of employment that are industry specific. Additionally, the Royal Saint Lucia Turf Club, which manages the racecourse at the Pearl of the Caribbean, will be working with the Government of Saint Lucia on training initiatives to fast track the skillsets of locals as horse trainers, jockeys, veterinarians, stewards, administrators, grooms and more.

Business innovation

DSH Caribbean Star Limited believes in the value of innovation in business and believes this is paramount to its future success and, in turn, its ability to be a contributor to the community of Saint Lucia. From planning, through construction phases, all the way to the management of the integrated development, innovation will play a key role in delivering on the Pearl of the Caribbean.